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Herbal teas

Most herbal teas are now available in supermarkets or at a local high street store near you. In our search for some less well-known brands, we have discovered the Golden Temple range of Ayurvedic teas. These teas are based on original recipes from India, Egypt and Mexico and are worlds away from the typical insipid herbal teas available. For full description see below, but no words can describe the real tastiness of these teas. We also stock the Heath and Heather Raspberry leaf tea, a traditional herbal tea for drinking during pregnancy.

Product Name Description Price
 Bedtime tea  Bedtime tea. A box of 15 individually wrapped bags containing a sweet and fragrant blend of peppermint, fennel, and lavender to help the stresses of the day dissolve. Also contains lemon balm, cardamom and valerian.  2.09
 Calming tea  Calming tea. A box of 15 individually wrapped bags containg a comforting blend of herbs and spices. Includes linden and chamomile flowers, fennel and cardamom seeds, orange peel and rose hips.  2.09
 Detox/Pure tea  Detox/Pure tea. An Ayurvedic combination of herbs and spices to support the internal cleansing process by adjusting fire and air energies. Contains licorice and burdock root, ginger and dandelion, fennel, juniper, coriander and other herbs and spices.  2.09
 Throat comfort tea  Throat comfort tea. A box of 15 individually wrapped bags, each containing a soothing and delicious blend of licorice, fennel, cinnamon, orange peel, ginger, mullein, marchmallow and other traditional herbal remedies.  2.09

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