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Vaporisers & Diffusers

There are many ways to spread the aroma from essential oils into the air. Some rely on heat, one of them on a fan. Some on electricity, some on the heat from a candle. Some are made of metal and plastic, others of ceramic. Here you will find a large selection of all types. We also have a mini vaporiser,a small ceramic vase which relies on the oil gradually evaporating through the porous clay material of the vase. This makes it ideal for use in your car or a bathroom. And if you want to vaporise oils in steam don't forget our inhaler - using it will clear your head in minutes!

Product Name Description Price
 Aromastone  Aroma Stone. Blue electric oil vaporiser. It has a 10 cm diameter ceramic dish on which you place oil or oil and water. The oil is heated by an electric element which gently vaporises it into the air. Supplied boxed with a 3-pin plug for UK use.  15.95
 Aromastream  Aromastream. Electrically operated oil vaporiser. Drops of an aromatic oil are placed on a removable cartridge. A 2-speed motor vaporises the oil into the air. Supplied with one cartridge, boxed with a 3-pin plug for use in the UK. Colour: White.  15.99
 Aromastream cartridge  Aromastream cartridge. Extra removable cartridge for use with the Aromastream vaporiser  2.00

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